Everything in Moderation

Friday, November 20

Doing this work of Self – focussing on becoming aware, trying to train the mind to be here now, redirecting energy to manifest what is good and healthy – it’s primarily about shedding the ego.

Getting over those barriers created by judgement and competition, and giving in to the power of possibility and infinite abundance.

And that’s ultimately what I want to do – because the belief that there is more than enough (love, hope, success, gratitude, comfort, compassion, and connection) for everyone is now my guiding principle.

But, even so, I have to admit, on this Friday night, when the very kind woman helping Ken and me purchase our raffle tickets for the Annual Billerica Festival of Trees, stops everything she’s doing and says:

“I hope you won’t think me too forward, but, it has to be said.  You are strikingly beautiful.  A very, very pretty woman.”

I light up.  Especially when Ken puts his hand on my back, smiles, and adds:

“Yes she is.  A real keeper.”

“You’re a very lucky man,” the woman goes on.

“You are correct,” he looks at her, then me, “a very lucky man.”

We finish getting our raffle tickets and I thank the woman dearly and let her know that she’s made my day.

A lot happened this first week back at work, and I can’t think of a lovelier gift to receive than this completely unexpected compliment.  Even if it did appeal to my ego.

Every once in awhile can’t hurt, right?


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