Thank God

Today I had a studio session at the broadcasting station where I used to work.

My current boss wrote an amazing poem that I want to share with our extended network, but to do so I need a high quality recording.  And I need it in less than two days.

So, I called my former colleague, who I knew was still in charge of studio bookings and asked if there was a way to fit us in…and there was.

I haven’t been back to do any work at this studio since I left almost a year ago, and I certainly have never brought a current boss to a former employer to wrap a project.

But, the pieces felt like a good fit, so I put them together.

And it worked.

Every former colleague I had the good fortune of running into was kind and open.  My current boss was impressed by the ease and flow of the session.  And everything that needed doing got done in less time than expected.

Yesterday, a friend gifted me a box of oracle cards.  There’s a variety of ways to use these cards, and this morning I decided to use them to help guide my day.  Provide a meditation.  Something I could continue to come back to, stay rooted in, regardless of what would unfold.

And you know which card I picked?

Thank God.

And here’s what the corresponding guidebook has the say about this Thank God card:

The ego focuses on lack and therefore creates it.  The Spirit concentrates on the endless stream of gifts God gives us and thus creates that.  This is because the greatest blessing the Divine bestows on us is the ability to create what we focus on.  Pay attention to all that God gives and you get more; focus on lack and you get less… 

Tell your ego to be quiet, and learn what thanking God can do.

For me, for you, “God” is whomever and however you choose to see, feel, and live her – him – it.

All I know, is that a time not very long ago my ego wouldn’t have allowed for today to happen.

But, Thank God, now I live in the present.  And it’s here that any (and every)thing is possible.

Thank God




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