Just for Today

Things clicked today.  Then they didn’t.  Then they did. Then they didn’t.

And I was reminded of something I recently heard someone say about striving for balance.

“When you’re balanced,” he said,  “you’re still.  Which is important, but it also means that you’re not moving.  Every time you take a step, you quite literarly step out of balance.  Then your other foot hits the floor, and your balance is regained.  Foot rises, you’re out.  Comes back down, you regain, and on, and on, and on.”

The point of the demonstration was that in order to move forward you have to find the courage to move out of balance – but with the confidence that you’ll quickly and steadily regain.

Today, I felt myself slipping.

At work, I noticed that I was trying to push an approval through too fast. Instead of continuing, I stopped and asked for help.  Regained.

I started straying on a conference call – thinking I could eat and concentrate at the same time.  I put the sandwich down and asked the kind person on the other end to give me the summary one more time.  Regained.

As the workday drew to a close I started to fixate on deadlines – which I realize are important, but I also know won’t be satisfied with obsession.  So, I took a yoga class.  Right in my living room.  Regained.

Briggs has been a bear to put to bed tonight.  Up and out for his bed four times already – and he’s only been laying down for an hour.

And just as I’m about to go total Grinch (threaten to take away Christmas) on him, I remember the lavender spray that I bought at a health food store yesterday.

“Buddy,” I say, as I sneak next to him in bed, “I totally forgot to tell you.”


“Yesterday I got some super special nuh-nights spray.  It smells really good.  Here’s how it works: I do a couple sprays over you and your pillow, you take some deep breaths, and in no time you’ll be comfy-cozy-sleepy.”

So, far, so good.  He hasn’t got up again. REGAINED.

Now, of course I’d be elated to be completely stress-free all of the time…but I realize there’s still a lot of work to be done to reach that height of enlightenment.

And, I’m in no rush.

I’m pretty sure once you get there, you may no longer need to be here.  And, even in my most unbalanced moments, being here is still what I love the most.






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