No Cheating

My husband sauntered through the door tonight holding up his Samsung, singing Uptown Funk.

Without even being asked Briggs and I joined right in.

In the moments leading up to this joyful and highly unexpected entrance, I was struggling.

Under the nag of a headache (that is likely connected to now being a full 11 days off any and all caffeine), the touch of exhaustion (I stayed up too late last night), and the ping of dwindling patience (I complied with Briggs’s request for BBQ chicken for his dinner – and then he didn’t touch it), I heard the voice of temptation:

One little cup of coffee won’t kill the cleanse – just take a time out and get back on it tomorrow morning.

And then came the dancing, and the Uptown Funk, and Ken…and I was reminded why I don’t cheat.

I’m thankful for my commitments.  They bring out my true, best, beautiful Self.

And following our family funk out, I looked over at that devilish coffee pot and started singing another top 40 gem:

Oh, no, Honey, I’m good.

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