Right Out the Window

A Reiki session ends with a cleansing.

A clearing of energy.  The absorption of all of that is good, healthy, and helpful, and a release of anything that is not serving the receiver’s ultimate purpose.

And while the meaning is deep, the process is very simple:

With the receiver still laying on the massage table, the practitioner places his or her hands a bit behind the receiver’s head and then, keeping about two inches off the body, the practitioner passes over, until he or she has gone over the receiver’s feet and off the table.

And all that is good stays in, and all that one does not need gets recycled back into the earth.

I’ve been giving Briggs mini Reiki treatments before bed (on and off) since becoming attuned in Reiki I early last month.  He loves them.  He likes the mellow music, the white candles, the warm touch, and he especially loves the cleansing.

Mostly for two reasons:

  1. He loves the lavender spray I use to start the cleansing.
  2. He loves giving me a cleansing following the end of his.

“Okay, Mum, my turn,” he informed me tonight after gleefully hopping off his bed.

He insisted on spraying the lavender once more on each of his hands.  Then he touched my shoulder, and my forearm, and then my knee, and then…then he said:

“Okay, all that good stuff goes right into Mum, and any bad energy let’s just chuck that right out the window to go get better.”

It was perfect.

Look, there’s a part of me that’s still a bit nervous when it comes to sharing this spiritual stuff.  I’m not yet above the fear of judgement and ridicule.

But, when your four year-old wishes you nothing but good and sentences anything that might be gnawing on you to immediately stop and go clean itself off outside…even if it is a little silly (or sounds much too simple), it feels amazing.

Like the world is working perfectly.

And that feels worthy of sharing…at any cost.


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