I’m Gonna Write You

My day-off started yesterday with a call from a high-ranking executive.

This woman is smart, driven, compassionate, intelligent, and one of the greatest go-getters I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

She was one of the first people at work I openly told about my Depression and General Anxiety Disorder, and she was remarkably kind and supportive of my leave.

When her name came up on my phone, I wondered if there was a loose end that she needed some help tightening before the morning ran off into the afternoon.  I happily answered and she responded:

Hey, I just wanted to give you a call and let you know that I was thinking about you.  I was just thinking about what you’ve done, what you’ve tackled and accomplished over the last six months and I am so impressed and inspired by you.  To recognize something isn’t right, tackle it head-on, take the time you need, and come back hitting it out of the park…Not everyone can do that.  It’s really excellent work and you’re doing an incredible job. I don’t mean to sound maternal, but I’m really proud of you.

I told her that her saying what she said meant a great deal…and I liked that it sounded maternal.

Later that day, that night really, I found myself in a hotel room with 20 other music lovers being treated to an extremely intimate pre-show by the band beloved by so many Bostonians: Guster.

I’m hoping to do some work with the the group who threw the VIP party, and it was truly a “get to” work moment.

When the band closed with their fan favorite, Amsterdam, I got a little teary.  Overwhelmed with gratitude for where I was, thinking back on that call from earlier, I gave myself permission to recognize that I was pretty proud of me, too.

(PS – The show was amazing, Guster plays House of Blues again tonight if you’re looking for a great night out. They sound as good as ever.)


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