Give and Get

This morning I got out of work to give in to my son.

He’s sick.  Fever, stuffy nose, runny eyes, and those sick kid chapped lips that are painful to even look at.  We took the morning to snuggle, go to the doctor’s (thankfully, it’s nothing too serious), and binge on PBS Kids.

Then my husband came home and took over the snuggle and PBS duties and I gave myself back over to my job.  Closed some deals.  Took some meetings.  Hit a few deadlines.  Added a few more “get-tos” to my to-dos.

And then…then, I came down and ordered take-out, because I had committed to giving my Thursday night to my uncle’s campaign for school committee.  And, I find late meetings always run better on full stomachs.

And yet, somehow in between the sickness and the snuggles, and the conference calls and the campaign, I still found some time to give in to my own creativity.  To wrap a four-page writing project (just for me) and even found my way back here before today officially runs into tomorrow.

And so, sometimes, maybe, the more you can give, the more you can give – which is actually, a pretty great get.



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