Kitchen Love

I love parties.

The food.  The toasts.  The conversation.  I love all of it.

Today, at work we raised a glass in honor of a much loved and appreciated member of our team.  She’s moving on to do a different job but will always remain a part of our work.

Typically, at these get togethers I like being fully involved in whatever’s happening.  Folks are dancing – I like dancing.  Telling jokes – I like sharing.  Politics, religion, current affairs, music, television, movies, literature…I can put a good shine on whatever the group is waxing.

But, today, after having a private moment with the colleague that I’ll miss dearly – I found myself wanting to spend more time in our company kitchen.

Some other co-workers had brought in snacks, made eggplant parm and meatballs, picked up incredible cookies from the North End.  The Founders of our company each gave a toast. Our team coordinator put together a perfect playlist.

And, there alone in the kitchen, I saw how I could contribute, too.

The stacks of dirty glasses, sheet pans, and the half-loaded dishwasher all needed attention.  So, I lovingly gave them mine.

Cleaning as the party goes is something I’m accustomed to doing at home and at the homes of my dearest friends and family…but I can’t remember if I’ve ever extended the same courtesy at work.

Maybe I have, but at least now I know for sure.


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