Big Red Lines

I’ve started listing.

When I can feel that anxiety want to spin up from my lowest self and start twitching out my eye, I stop, reach for pen and paper, and just start to-do dumping.

No prioritizing.  No logical thinking.  No separating work, from home, from extra-curricular activities.  Just feeding the page with whatever I’m afraid wants to feast on my insides.

And once the pages (always the pages) are covered, I breathe, smile, let go, and repeat for however long is necessary.  Then I calmly approach, begin, and decide what actually needs attention.

Today my “Get To Do”list looked long and daunting – but the three most important items got done.  And I drew big, fat, lovely red lines through each of them.

And tonight, still tired, achey, and almost teary, those three lines are what I’m choosing to focus on.

What I did today and who I am now is enough.  It’s all enough.




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