Live, Love, Let

Me (to four year-old son): Briggs, do you really want to go to Kindergarten in the fall?

Briggs (while still playing living room hockey): Of course I do.

Me: I thought maybe you could go back to being two or something?

Briggs: Nope, going to be five.  Going to Kindergarten – ah, no, Montreal skates away – it’s the Winter Classic.  Bruins get the puck back.  He shoots, he – wait, pee brake for the Winter Classic.

As he runs to the bathroom, I call out:

Who do you think will be your favorite people in Kindergarten?

Briggs: You and Dad of course.  You’re my family.  You’re always my favorite. Even in Kindergarten.

A moment to live in, love a lot, and let go of.




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