What I am

For a long time I believed that the only reason why anyone ever liked me was because of what I could do.

So, I operated from a place of doing more, so more people would believe that I was valuable.  And I relied (heavily) on that outside affirmation to counter my internal dialogue of:

You’re a mess, you’re a screw-up, you’re a fraud, and you’re an idiot.

And while my best Self knows that what I am is so much more than what I do – I still sometimes find myself feeling…not enough.

But, the thing is – feeling and being are not the same.

I can feel not enough – but know that I am complete.

I can feel sad – but know that I am joy.

I can feel afraid – but know that I am safe.

How I feel constantly changes – but who I am remains the same.  I am, what you are: love, light, compassion, connection.  You and Me, We’re all that good stuff.

Today was just one of those days when what I felt, didn’t connect with who I am.  And that’s okay, because even when it feels like I’m walking around divided, I can remind myself that how I feel is temporary, and who I am (who We are) is permanent.

I am what I am.  And that’s ALWAYS enough.



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