Birthday Belief

When I was in my twenties and working for public radio, I had the chance to do some recordings for a series called This I Believe.

People from all walks of life sharing essays about their greatest and guiding beliefs.

One day, the man sharing his belief was a defense attorney.  His belief was simple:  Everyone deserves someone on their side.  No matter what.

I found his take on unconditional love and his well-spoken essay equally beautiful.  And it’s a beauty that’s stayed with me for nearly a decade now.

Today, on my 35th birthday I’m overwhelmed by the number of good, strong, kind, loving, and beautiful people on my side.

My parents.  My sisters and brothers.  My husband.  My son.  My cousins.  My aunts, uncles and nephews.  My co-workers and former co-workers.  My high school classmates, college roommates, teachers and professors.  My tribe of warrior NICU Moms, and the sweet kids at my son’s daycare. And my friends – who are all my family – and Me.

For most of today, I walked around hearing that defense lawyer’s This I Believe essay on playback in my head.  But for the first time, I heard “everyone” as “I’m the one.”

I’m the one who deserves to be on my side.  No matter what.

Believing in me creates more space to believe in us.  If I can unconditionally support me – squash the judgement, silence the shaming, stop the ridicule – then I can completely, wholly, and loving stand by, with, and for you.  And then, then we’re really connected – and this is what I believe:  connection is what it’s all about.

And excellent birthday cake. That’s pretty important, too. 🙂




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