From the Beach of Babes

Three hours after I making a left out of the auto-body shop in my brand new fixed-up car, I got into another accident.

Again, everyone was okay.  The important thing was kept the important thing…but still.

Another round of reports, claims, and adjustments – and another rental while my still (pretty much brand new) car is back in the shop.

Today, when I picked up Briggs from daycare in a blue Jeep Patriot he was excited about the size, shape, and color, but a bit bummed about the lack of a back-up camera.

“Well, did you see it has Maine license plates?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, not really caring.

“Maine is the beach, so maybe it’s a sign that we’re suppose to live at the beach.”

“C’mon, Mom,” he said, as he buckled his own seatbelt, “our house right now, right here is our beach.”

And then I gave him a high-five…because that’s what I do when someone is precisely on-point.


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