A Daughter’s Worth

Lately, writing hasn’t been so easy.

Maybe, I have too many competing projects.  Maybe, I’m not doing enough yoga.  Or, maybe, as a very wise friend of mine recently pointed out, it’s just been my time to listen.

Whatever the reason, I’ve been drawn to reading more than writing lately, which prompted me to pick up Marianne Williamson’s A Woman’s Worth.  My Mom left it at my house a few weeks ago, and I assumed it was her copy that she was letting me borrow…until I cracked it open:

My Darling Daughter,

In my struggle to find myself in this world, this book has been my main stay!  I read it 20 years ago and it still stays with me on my journey.  I hope it will do the same for you.

All my love, Mom xxoo

I’m reading the rest of the book, but I don’t really need it.

My Mother called me her Darling.  I am her Daughter.  She let me know that it’s okay to search, to struggle, and to stay on the journey.  She is holding hope for me, and sending all her love to me.

There is still so much to do, and learn, and go, and see, and hear, and write, and share, but no more time will need to be wasted on worth.  I’ve just caught a glimpse of mine through my Mother’s eyes, and now I can see clearly through my own.

I am enough.  She is enough.  We are so much more than enough.



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