Making Cents

I woke up at quarter of four this morning to get ready for a flight.  I’m scheduled to speak at a marketing conference in Las Vegas.

I was humbled to be asked.  Excited I could make it work, but nevertheless a little sad when it was time to go.

I love being out in the world.  I love having time to myself (like a six-hour flight).  And, I equally love being home with my husband and son.

Though, no matter how much I love all of these times, when each of them comes to an end (even temporarily), I start longing to stay a little longer.

Despite my longing, I kissed my goodbyes, grabbed my very small bags (I’ll be back early Thursday morning), and headed out.  I never travel with cash, but for whatever reason felt compelled to pull up to the freestanding ATM around the corner from my house and withdraw just a few dollars.

When I got out of my car, I immediately noticed the tiny copper round catching the first rays of sunrise.

See a penny, pick it up, all day through you’ll have good luck.

It was even heads up.

It then occurred to me that I was lucky for the longing.  For my meaningful connections – with the world, myself, and my family.

And for a moment all the longing and gratitude just made cents.






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