“I got this,” that’s the belief I’m most often going for.

At the social work organization I work for, they refer to it as: internal control.  The ability to recognize, feel, focus and navigate your emotions so that you can access your clearest thoughts and best self.

For a long time I confused the calm of “I got this,” with the adrenaline of “I’ll get this.”

Settling down to understand where I was going, why I wanted to get there, and how I would arrive, felt (and at time still feels) like time wasting.

Thinking doesn’t feel like doing.  And, honestly, I can get just as lost in thought.  But, I know that doing without intention exerts more energy and drains more quickly.

Confidence, I think, is the result of acceptance.  And acceptance, I think, is the opposite of resignation.  It’s not resigning that something isn’t right, or easy, or beautiful, and then giving up, because “what is, what is.”  I think, it’s accepting, warts and all, with open arms and finding a way to love your way back.

So, you can really see whatever’s on, down, or blocking your path and say with certainty, “I got this.”



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