Love Warrior

Have you heard about this new book, Love Warrior?

It’s brave.

The author, Glennon Doyle Melton is a self-proclaimed “truth teller.” And she tells it.  All of it.

For years, her blog, momastery has been a sacred truth space.  Where she’s chosen limitless sharing over shameful hiding.

Addiction, depression, boredom, anxiety, gratitude, fulfillment, creativity – it’s all there.  To do whatever the reader needs to do with it.

Love Warrior is about, “infidelity, betrayal, and redemption.” It’s about running toward heartbreak, instead of away from it.

It’s about discovering someone you love dearly has been lying to you repeatedly – and figuring out what you do with that love anyway.  What you do when, as the book puts it, your dirt and divinity feel one in the same.

Truth is simple and hard.  I still hide from it, pretty regularly.

I fantasize about being smaller and quieter.  About a life where I don’t share so much, and that way won’t feel too much, either.

I start most mornings not wanting to leave my house.

But then, I remember that truth, and sharing, and taking part in the dirty divine that is our world and our life, is what love actually is.

Being a Love Warrior doesn’t mean  fighting for love – but, rather with it.

Gosh, that’s so much harder.

The exposure.  The risk.  The acceptance.  The judgement.  The fear.  The mistakes.

My word the mistakes.

But still, Love.

Love is the heavyweight champion of the world, so just for right now, just in this moment, I’m not going to be nervous about getting into the ring.

Because truth is: Love Wins.

Thank you, Glennon.



























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