What Sisters Do

This past Sunday I was (gulp) hired to be a featured storyteller by Fugitive Productions.

The place was fairly full, I was chosen as the night’s first teller, and was extremely warmly received.

But, the best part of the night, wasn’t what happened, it was who was with me.  My sister, Heidi.

In the most strictest terms Heidi is my sister in-law, but in truth, and in my heart, she is simply my big sister.

Growing up the oldest of four girls, I’ve always taken the big sister role pretty seriously.  When we were little and my sister Lindsey would get nervous at school, she’d come pull me out of class just to do something mundane like walk her to the bathroom.  I was always happy when she did.

I loved growing up feeling like the protector, and it only occurred to me (fairly recently), that feeling protected could feel equally as good.

Heidi has seen me at my worst.  Drunk.  Damaged.  Depressed.  And at my best. Clear.  Connected.  Composed.

And regardless of how I’ve looked, what I’ve done, or what I’ve shared, she’s still in my audience.  Proud to be there with a hug and a kiss and a, “good job.”

Because, that’s what big sisters do.




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