The Other Side

After a frustrating Friday, I made my way home through a brief but powerful storm.

I was racing a bit to get to Briggs.

I gave myself enough time to get to him before after-care closed, but not enough time to actually enjoy the ride.

Speeding down Rte. 3 South, as the rain began to clear, I caught the tail end of a rainbow.

It was gorgeous.  All of ROY G BIV so brilliantly and clearly defined.

I kept driving.

A few moments later, I looked up again.  Some fog had cleared, revealing now, not only the end of the rainbow, but the start of its arch as well.

Wow.  Maybe there is something to seeing even just a little bit of good,  that helps it grow.

I kept driving.

Crossed into my town.  Looked up once more, and there it was:

A full arch – end to end – a colorful embrace stretched across the entire corner I call home.

I kept driving.

I thought about pulling over.  This felt big and poignant.  I wondered if I diminished it, by not stopping for it.

But, my baby was waiting, and stopping didn’t feel right.

So, I kept driving.

And as I pulled off the highway, and left that beautiful light in my rearview, I let myself believe that peace (like love) is unconditional.  No ceremony or situation required.  No invitations.  No proclamations.

Peace is there.  When I can feel it and when I can’t.  When I am called to stop, and when I know that it’s best to just keep driving.




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