Positive Change

I saw a video on Facebook a few weeks back about a penny.

A short story about some super rich dude who picked up a penny, and when asked why (because he clearly didn’t need it), said something like:

It says right there on it, ‘In God We Trust.”  I would never pass up a chance to connect with such an important and meaningful reminder.  It’s a gift.

Again, I’m paraphrasing and too lazy to Google the video – but you get the gist.

Since then, pennies keep appearing on my path.

Now, the video wasn’t well produced and I’m certain that the story is a fable cobbled together from decades of anecdotes…and still, as someone who believes that God is above, below and within each of us, I’ve been stuck on the “trust” part.

My belief that we’re all carrying our own perfect, unique, beautiful, brilliant God part – and that this part is constant and trustworthy, suggests that I also believe that we can (must?) trust ourselves, and then, each other.

But my human part tends to be very loud, messy, afraid and flappable – which can sometimes trump and too often override that peaceful, patient, purposeful divine guide. That’s when disruption (and in the most severe cases disaster) ensues.

Here I am though, still walking, catching copper glimmers, and even if just for a moment, connecting with that ever-present power of trust…in me, and us, and the parts that provide the strength to do hard things and bring about more positive change.


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