Brave Brownie Points

For the past 12-hours or so, I’ve been bingeing on brave brownie points.

In anticipation of my Moth GrandSLAM performance tomorrow night handfuls of friends, and family members and colleagues have reached out with well-wishes, atta girls, and love yous.

Each one has made me cry.

I still worry a lot.  Battle with anxiety a lot.  Question my worth a lot.  But, now I just try to be more open about it.  Lean in a bit more to the pain – as opposed to simply working harder to avoid or ignore how bad it feels.

The result of which has been a reunion with my creativity.  The continuation of this blog.  Multiple storytelling performances.  And the reminder of why we do brave things.

All brave things are done together – maybe that’s why they make things better.

So, c’mon let’s eat up. 😘






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