In Rock Step

I woke up this morning at 6:30.  It tends to happen when I’m by the ocean.  Like it’s calling me.

The same isn’t true for my husband.  The sea air tends to lull him to sleep.

Quietly I got dressed, put on my sneakers and headed out to walk the beach.

I stashed my car in a grocery store parking lot and walked about a half-mile to where the water actually meets the land.

Then I walked and ran and walked and ran to both ends of the beach.

On the last leg – nearly 90-minutes into this boosted beach power walk – I started to tell myself I didn’t have to finish.

You still have to get all the way back to the car.  No need to go all the way to the rocks this time.

I still do that a lot.  Get into something – excited – with full force – and then just as I’m hitting my stride begin doubting that it’s real.  That I’m capable.

In my best moments though, that’s when I breathe.  Check-in.  And say (rarely out loud):

That’s right.  I do not have to do this.  But I’m feeling good, and so just for right now, I’m taking this next step.  Just this next step.

This morning, that’s how I reached those God-blessed rocks.

Tomorrow, it may be how or why I take a break or turn around.

The victory, regardless, I think is just taking the next step.


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