Share. Connect. Love.

Once I left for college, I never came back home.

I mean, to visit, of course.  But never to live.  Not even for a summer.

By 18, I was ready to be free of the small, rural New Hampshire town that had taken care of me in so many important and (at the time) invisible ways.

I think where you grow up (be it a small town, a city block, an apartment building, or a series of couches and transitions), becomes a part of you.

No matter what, I know my small town is still a part of me.

Which is why when I hear news (of any kind) of the kids I grew up with and the adults who all played a part in helping me become an adult myself, I still always want to connect.

This week I heard the news of the diagnosis of Arden Sawtelle – the beautiful seven year-old daughter of my elementary schoolmate, Jonathan Sawtelle.  This is from Arden’s GoFundMe site:

Arden has a growth on her brain stem, one that is inoperable and goes by the name Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG). DIPG is an extremely rare and highly aggressive brain stem tumor. While medical advances have been extraordinary for some cancers, DIPG is not one. DIPG is the leading cause of death from pediatric brain tumors and has a 9 month survival time from diagnosis. Barring a miracle, it offers no chance of survival.  

I’m connecting you with Arden’s story with the intention that greater connection can foster greater healing.  Contributions of any kind – be it financial or faithful – are always appreciated.

Please share, love and connect for Arden, and for all our kids, everywhere.

Fundraiser for Arden.


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