Wonder Full

Let me tell you about the best moment of my summer:

I was sitting by a bouncy castle at a rainbow and unicorn birthday party for one of Briggs’s classmates.  He was playing in the castle with the birthday girl and a few other friends.  I overheard one of the girls say:

“We need more power!”

And then, I heard my son (with complete authority) respond with:

“Let me get my Mom, she’s got tons of it.”

My heart swelled.

I’m super good at calling me out for being silly, small, stupid, suckered and/or sunk.  Saying (and even more so believing) the good stuff about me takes effort – like a lot of effort – like way more than I put in most days.

So, when Briggs picked out my Halloween costume, I thought back to that summer day.  Took a moment to recognize the good in raising a boy who sees his Mom as a positive force (a boy, who after being permitted to watch Wonder Woman probably five years too early, came out of the theater saying, “So, I have lots of Wonder Women in my life, right?  Like you, Omi, Nana, Auntie Heid, Autie Gig, Auntie Riri, Autie Tree-Tree…”), and realized that no matter what, #thefutureisWonderFull.



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