Being the Bug

My car broke today.

A project plan fell through at work.

I forgot to pay my student loan.

But, my car broke while I was still in Billerica.  I managed to make it back home, and Ken was here in plenty of time to get Briggs.

And when I checked my credit (because it’s likely a new car is in our future), it was good enough to get a loan without a co-signer.  A few years ago this was so (so, so, so) not the case.

At work, honestly, the changes to the project plan made it better.  And I like working in drafts.  And part of getting it right is trying first.  It’s the only way to find out what’s wrong.

Online bill pay makes it so easy to catch up when the day-to-day kind of slows you down.  So, I use it to my advantage.  There is no problem here.

And, I just finished the loveliest dinner with my family.  Baked veggie omelettes.  Sliced cucumbers.  Fresh cheese.  Sweet grapes.  Crisp, local apples.  Ice cold water. And just a splash – a rich, lush, splash of cabernet.

A dinner of the gods with the people who light my world.

Today wasn’t easy.  But, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t wonderful.



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