To: You Love: Me

Christmas Eve.

I don’t know who’s more excited – the four year-old or his Mom.

It’s lovely to be here and revel in this joy.

And as part of my reveling, I just want to say thank you.

Every time I take a look on the stats of this blog I’m blown away.  Thousands of readers.  Readers from all over the States.  Readers in the Dominican Republic.  Reader in South Africa. Readers in my home and from every faction of my family.

For years I convinced myself that I wasn’t a real writer.

Thank you for showing me otherwise.

Thank you for reaching out.  Giving in.  And opening up.

Your presence here remains to be a source of great healing and I want you to know that I recognize and appreciate what you offer every day.

I want you to know that you taught me how to truly (and completely) appreciate.

I am sending you intentions of health, wealth, and love in abundance this New Year.  I’m signing off to devote my entire attention to those closest to me this Christmas, and I can’t wait to jump into 2016 with you.

Love and Light and Pure Gratitude.


2 thoughts on “To: You Love: Me

  1. Aunt Jane

    Amanda,you ARE a writer & you always have been!! It just took you a while to discover your true voice! I continue to be awed by this blog! Your writing here has brought me tears,smiles and laughs. I am grateful to claim you as “my niece the writer”!
    aunt Jane


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