Sunday Funday

I think I’ve mentioned before, that Sunday is my favorite day of the week.

It’s always been a day of hope for me.

To start anew.  Anything is possible.

I had a wonderful French teacher in high school – Madame Howard – who, while handing out the grades from the prior week’s quiz would recite the following phrase:

New chapter, new chance.

There’s rarely been a Sunday since graduation in 1999 that I haven’t echoed the wisdom of Madame.  (Even when I couldn’t hear it.)

This Sunday the mantra takes on an even more grateful tone.

This chapter of 2015 has truly been remarkable.  Complete with bottomed-out lows and natural euphoric highs.  The chances I’ve created to heal, grow, and reroot continue to inspire and rejuvenate.

To honor what was and welcome what already is, I’m starting the New Year with – what Rainbeau Mars calls – a SuperStar Cleanse.

In the past four months, I’ve taken a variety of steps (many of which I’ve written about here) to shift my being.  Cared for my body with yoga.  My mind with therapy.  My energy with reiki.

Now, I’m searching for a way to integrate all of that caring.  To have all of it serve my ultimate Self – so that I can, in turn, best serve others.

This SuperStar Cleanse looks like a good place to start.  Completing it will take some serious shifts in routine and diet.  For example, eating ends for the day at 6P and meals are void of all animal products.

I did a take on Vegan prior to my wedding and absolutely loved the way my body felt and looked.

I’m holding a picture of me on my wedding day and know that, that glow can/is/will be mine.

And at the same time, there’s a quote that’s been following me lately.  Showing up on chalk boards outside of buildings and coffee mugs in check-out aisles:

Courage doesn’t always roar.  Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’

During this cleanse, and throughout 2016 – regardless of circumstance – I will continue to find the courage to try.


(PS – Our wedding photos are hands down my most FAVORITE pictures of us.  Learn about the artists who took them on their Website, Helios Images.  Also, that cake is SO not on the Cleanse – but it was delicious and made with pure love by my Grammy & Cousin Amanda.) 🙂



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