Like Someone is Watching

The movie yesterday closed out with a Chipmunk rendition of “Uptown Funk.”

And while Bruno Mars may demand to, “put some liquor in it,” Alvin very cheekily requests more water for his cup.

It was cute.

And, without any prompting from either Mom, Briggs and his best bud Aubrie leapt off their seats and broke out into spontaneous dance in the front of the theater.

Then, Aubrie’s Mom, April and I joined in, too.

The song ended, but the dancing didn’t.

We busted a move until the last credit rolled and the final note played.

Obviously, the dancing wasn’t a planned part of the trip to the movies, but it was my favorite part.

In general, we don’t dance enough.  Ego gets in our way.  But, it’s fun to learn from our kids.

Yesterday these two chipmunks taught me that it’s not about dancing like no one is looking – it’s dancing like someone is…and inviting them to get on in.

(PS Made it out of the movie w/out breaking the Cleanse! :))


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