Two sets of numbers.  Two different reactions.

The numbers that came up on the scale yesterday – initially, bummed me out.

The numbers that the host of this blog sent me this morning for my year-end review – initially, lifted me up.

I started my morning yoga wondering why either set still had ahold on me. I finished grateful for all of it.

Thing is, they both represent progress.

Now, my wish may be to accelerate that progress (in both areas) – but, if that’s truly what I want, then it’s just about making a plan to get it done.

Numbers are good.  They crystalize wishes.  Motivate imagination.  And bring plans into action.

For an extremely long  time, numbers (grades, revenue reports, employment reviews, annual physicals, bank statements) held my entire self worth.  I lived in constant fear of them outting me as pitiful.  Lazy.  Diseased.

Every so often, those pitiful pricks still stick me – the difference is now, the pain dulls almost immediately.

They are just reminders (I tell myself) of things I want to change.  And change can be easy.  If I want it to be.

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