Let the Mystery Be

The past few days have been packed.

Lots of meetings.  Projects.  Deadlines.  To-Dos.

I could feel the hems of my calm – those stitches that I have so patiently and mindfully been sewing – starting to fray.

The quick and easy fix would’ve been to reach for the tape, in a misguided attempt to keep pace and stay the course.  But, I’ve ran that busy, crazy, narrow course before and I don’t like it.  It doesn’t suit me.

So, instead of obsessively relaying the many things I “must” do, instead of expounding all  of my pure energy on moldy worry, instead of letting those frayed edges come completely undone, I decide to love my messy, little imperfections back into place.

Just start with one stitch, I tell myself.  Just put one little thing back in place.

The best place to start, I decide, is the beginning.  The morning.  And, so, right before falling into a lovely, decadent, rich sleep I set an intention.

I awake early.  I enjoy those pre-dawn hours bathed in candle light and soothing music.  I am happy to be here with my Self and my yoga.  I am grateful for the early rise and the peace it brings.

And so it goes.

I wake up before the alarm goes off at 5:04.  I am downstairs lighting candles by ten past.  I’m wrapping an hour of Yoga for Beauty before the boys start rustling out of bed around 6:30.  Out of the shower, breakfast made, dressed to impress (me), and enjoying my commute with an EveryDay Detox Tea and the final installment of Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat, Pray, Love by twenty of eight.

And I’m early to work.  And I am good and ready and together.

And who knows if it was my intention or my attention, or nothing of mine at all, that pulled me back into place.  All I know is that everything felt better and balanced and aligned.

And I’m okay with letting that mystery be.










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