Nibble, Bow, Hug

So, I mentioned in my last post that I just finished listening to Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Eat, Pray, Love.

It’s about a woman – a writer – who, after a time of tremendous stress and personal anguish takes a year to travel Italy, India, and Indonesia to restore her spirit and reconnect with herSelf.

I resisted this book for many years. It was a best-seller and made into a movie starring Julia Roberts as Gilbert…so, before ever really exploring the story, I knew the gist of it.

I knew that a writer in her mid-thirties was smart enough to use her craft to get paid to eat, pray, and love her way out of depression and turmoil.  And, it took me a long while to get over my jealously.

But, I did, and I’m glad – because it was a good read – or a good listen in my case.  And Liz (or Groceries, as she calls herself in her book) taught me a great deal.

Like how to honor the parts of me that make me, me…even if at times I think those parts earn me demerits in the spiritual realm.  Like, how I know focus and stillness are essential to enlightenment – but, I still love getting involved in multiple projects and talking to everyone, anyone, nearly all the time.

And how to forgive myself.  Really, truly, and wholly forgive myself.  For the wretched things I’ve done, and the missteps I still make, and whatever chaos I may cause in my tomorrows.

But, mostly what I learned is that I need to put away my yard stick.

Liz got herself a year to eat, pray, and love all around the world.  And I can find smalls ways to experience my own joy and divinity everyday right here in Billerica.

And who’s to compare?  No matter if the actions are completely alike, or totally separate…if the energy’s all connected, Billerica or Bali – it’s just as meaningful.

I’ve decided to call my practice nibble, bow, hug – tiny acts of mindful self-appreciation and inward glory.

And it started with feeding into my creativity and writing early into the morning after a day that ran late into the night.

Thanks for taking a bite with me.









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