Manic Monday

I’m not suppose to work on Mondays – but I keep breaking that schedule.

And I feel so much better when I start my day with yoga – but that routine’s been slipping, too.

And my son is struggling at daycare, and my husband is working so hard on the redesign of our living room, and I can feel the worry about money, health, and the future itching to move back in.

And, the pharmacy said they would call my name when my prescription was refilled in about fifteen minutes.  So, I tried a walking meditation around the store to chill.  And when I came out of it, and still hadn’t heard my name, I got back in line.

“Hi, they said they’d call my name when my prescription was ready? But that was thirty-minutes ago and I didn’t hear it.”

The tech, who looks as overwhelmed as I feel goes through the standard drill.  Name.  Street address.  Date of birth.

“Oh yeah,” she says.  “It’s been ready for about twenty minutes, they must’ve just forgotten to call you.”

I breathe my way to a smile.  Pay my increased co-pay and notice a credit card, that’s not mine, on the counter.

“I think the woman who was in front of me left this.”  I hand the card over.

“Thanks,” the tech says, “I probably wouldn’t even have noticed it.”

As I head toward the front of the store, I hear the name on the card come over the loud speaker.  She’s kindly being beckoned back to the pharmacy counter.

She smiles at me.  “Did you find my credit card?”

“Yeah, that’s why they’re calling you.”

“See,” she says, “there are good people in the world.”

And, yes, there are…even when we don’t have our shit together.



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