Go Fish

Last night we gave in and went out to dinner.

Things have felt hurried and out of sync – which means we haven’t made it to the grocery store.

I was hungry, and short on time (there was a special town meeting last night), and so heading out to the pub around the corner made sense, but I felt guilty about spending the money.

I’m still not making what I used to.  I know that saving is important and I need to be better at it.  And, I do prescribe to the law of attraction – which basically states that if you worry about not having enough, you will, in fact, not have enough.  And so I try to focus on my abundance, and an abundance, I certainly have…but sometimes, the bank statements still get the best of me.

Regardless of my mixed emotions, we went to the pub.

We were greeted with live celtic music.  Two fiddles, an accordion, and three-part harmony.  The room was filled just enough to feel full without feeling crowded.  I stashed a deck of cards in my pocket and my husband, and my son, and I played rounds of Go Fish and Crazy Eights until our plates of pipping hot comfort food arrived.

Our waitress called all three of us “honey,” and “sweetheart.”  I started taking in the entire scene from the outside in – like I was watching a moving directed by Ben Afleck. All of it cloaked in thick, authentic eastern Mass accents, and filled with at least six guys who you’d totally believe went by Sully, Mac, Mic, or “What’s up, Kid.”

Hell, we were even playing with a deck of Red Sox cards.

And, it all just felt like home – and even when the rest of the world feels out of sorts to me, home always feel good.






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