What’s On

I circled “yoga – 7P” in my planner – twice.

When Ken came home he asked if I was still going and I was tempted to say, “no.”  I haven’t practiced since Sunday and while that doesn’t feel good, getting out of a good rhythm is still just so easy.

Especially after a day filled with meetings and driving.

My lower self can still con the rest of myself into believing that eating bad food and watching good television can make me feel  better.

But, tonight, I didn’t fall for it.

I got to the studio and on my mat, and I gave myself permission to breathe and smile, and not push into anything that didn’t feel good.

And then, totally unexpected, as I exhaled my arms wide and my heart out – I felt it.

“Ahh!” I blurted – giddy and full of smiles. “Wow.  Sorry.  It’s just..that…wow.”

“It’s called Prana, or you might have heard it called, Chi,” our teacher explained.

“I don’t know.  It’s like my hands just kind of turned into dust, or particles, and blew off my body.”

“Everything is energy.  Looks like you just felt yours.”  She smiled, bowed, and then helped me into a headstand.

I love (and watch) a lot of good television.  But there’s nothing on Showtime, HBO, or Netflix that’s ever given me the same zing as tonight’s preview with my own power.




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