Love Wins

I found myself in church today.  A beautiful baptism for my cousin’s four month-old daughter.

Toward the end of the ceremony the priest led us in prayer, and while reciting it my Grandmother and my Mother took my son’s hands and mine, and quite unexpectedly, I cried.

The four of us were not perfectly aligned in the pew.  My son was standing in front of me, my Grandmother to our left, and my Mom to our right – so the connection wasn’t as simple as holding hands down the line.  In fact, my Grandmother had to actually criss-cross her hands to reach both my son and me.

It was beautifully complex – and I think that’s what got me.

Because while simplicity is certainly something worth striving for, there is also something quite comforting in recognizing how Love wins despite the seemingly awkward, discouraging, and even potentially painful barriers.


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