Tribe Up

The Founder of the non-profit I work for is a social worker by the name of Steve Gross.

Steve’s a leader in the field of  childhood psychological trauma response.  His remarkable work with kids and their care providers has given him a unique perspective on relationships and connections, and human superpowers like love, courage, compassion, fun, and gratitude.

He’s often invited to speak about his decades of service, and the work we continue to do at his Foundation.

One of the benefits of my work is sometimes I get to attend these speaking engagements, and even though I’m a part of the work that Steve talks about, I still always manage to walk away with something new.

Today I walked away with the following phrase:

Without a Tribe you can’t survive.

People need people.  We need us.  I certainly need you.

Steve’s tribe line has been echoing in my head, because ever since he said it, it’s been overwhelmingly clear how big my tribe actually is.

My Sister Tribe.  My Mother Tribe.  My Writer Tribe.  My Reader Tribe.  My Tee Ball Tribe.  My Yoga Tribe.  My Development Tribe.  My Media Tribe.  My Rindge Tribe – College Tribe – Billerica Tribe.

And of course there is the Tribe I was born into, and the Tribe I grew into, the one I married into, and the one my husband and I made together.

Regardless of the darkness of some of life’s most unfair challenges, my Tribes have continued to share their light.  And seeing their light, makes it easier to see my own.

So, c’mon, let’s let go, shine on, and tribe up.






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