Coach Progress

In many areas of my life perfection has been a barrier to progress.

After earning an MFA in Creative Writing, I quit writing for nearly five years.  The degree was worthless, because every word I put down still didn’t feel good enough.

After fantasizing about a job in public broadcasting, I left a position at one of the country’s leading stations, because I couldn’t give myself permission to learn from mistakes.  Instead I perpetually felt defined by them.

It’s taken the near full five-years of my son’s life to believe I wasn’t fully responsible for his early birth and unfair start…and on the toughest days, I can still bury myself with the heaviest of guilt.

But, there is something to coaching that frees me.

When I am on the field with our team, I am not perfect.  I do not need to be, and somehow that provides just enough space to access the best of me.

I am present.  Aware.  Having fun and making meaningful connections.

When I’m coaching, I’m giving my time, my creativity, my experience, and my best shot…but what I’m receiving is so much more.

Surrounded by the courage to try something new and step up to the plate, I’m reminded of what progress looks and feels like – and how it will win out over perfection. Every.  Single.  Time.





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