The Sound of Sunshine

I’ve been out of pocket for the last few days, and that’ll continue through the weekend.

For five days I get to provide for my family as the stage producer for Outside the Box, the largest FREE arts festival in all of New England.

I truly love be a part of free, live, outdoor festivals.

Music and performance are wonderful.  True gifts that feed and nourish not only our best, but most important parts – and there is simply no substitute for being present when that art comes to life.

There is quiet, and then the guitar.  Drum.  Voice.

And then, there is joy.

The world needs more joy.  So much, more.  Help us all heal with a hum, a shower serenade, a windows down – Pandora up commute.

Stop and listen to the artists busking.  Take a walk through the grass, and take in the concert of the birds.

Get somewhere where the good ones are making good stuff, simply for the sake of making it.

And, through the grace of you, despite the worry, or pain, confusion or forecast, you’ll begin to discover the sound of sunshine coming down.



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