Until I reach the end…

About a week ago I watched the movie, Zootopia with my five year-old.

It’s a good one for everyone to watch – especially now – especially before voting for our next President.

The animated film centers on a bunny named Judy, who is defined by her parents, from the very beginning, as a try-er.

She wants to try everything.  Be good at everything.  Until she begins to fail.  Her failures reveal her greatest challenges and biases, and her paths reveal themselves:

Hop down the straight and narrow.  Pretend you don’t see the twists, turns, bumps, and boulders – until you actually don’t.

Or, try the other.  The one that’s wider, curvier, sometimes darker, and inevitably always clearer (and lovelier) and brighter – for longer.

It’s a Disney film, so you can guess how this one goes. 🙂

It reminds me though, that the most wonderful thing about being a try-er – is that we can always go back to being try-ers.  Even when we haven’t tried in awhile.  We can try again today.

To borrow from Zootopia’s soundtrack: “I won’t give up – no I won’t give in – until I reach the end – then I’ll start again – I want to try everything – I want to try, even though I could fail.”

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