Oh, Brother

I don’t think I can forget the day in 7th grade, when the boy I had a deep, deep crush on asked:

“Hey, Amanda, do you like anyone?”

My hands and feet went tingly.  He and I talked on the phone all the time, for long periods of time.  Of course, no one really knew that, so I was floored when he openly asked me this question (with other kids around) during “silent reading” time in Mrs. Davieau’s English class.

“Maybe,” I flirted.  “Why do you want to know?”

“Well, I was just thinking about how you’re too ugly to ever get a boyfriend – so, I was hoping for your sake that you didn’t like anybody.”

The roars of laughter broke out and I mustered everything I had not to turn into a puddle.

For more than a decade, I truly believed that boy…which is likely how I ended up making such bad dating decisions early on.

But, through the grace of all that is wonderful, I did so much better than find a boyfriend.

I wound up with my soulmate.

A couple days ago my gorgeous, loving, kind, intelligent, devoted husband and his brothers – who have through the years, become my brothers, too – played in a golf tournament to support the non-profit where I work.

Seeing them together reminded me how loved, and blessed, and supported I truly am.

The ugly girl with no brothers, has grown into the beautiful wife surrounded by good men who care, and support, and love her – just because.

Seeing them together makes me breathe easier.

I see them and see my son and nephews and know from the deepest place of my being that more good men are coming.




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