Growing up I loved being invited to sleepovers.  I took it as a sign that I had actual friends. But, I loathed the non-sleeping part.

Gossiping, movie-ing, truth or daring,  laughing, crying, eating = YES.  Sleeping = not so much.

And while I truly did (and do) love all the “ings” that come with staying up and out, I’m best in the morning.

I’ve always believed that there’s a bit of magic for me before sunrise.  Sacred time.  When the day is brand new, and somehow I am, too.  And for me, early to rise has always balanced with early to bed.

That means saying, “yes” to eight to ten.  (Do the math.  That means settling into the ceremony of sleep no later than nine.)  And saying, “no” to after-hours sugar and binge watching.

My “no” muscle is a bit weak, so I’ve just started flexing it ever so gently this week.  No to TV after work, yes to reading before bed, no to emails after seven, yes to writing first thing in the morning.

And wouldn’t you know…just three days in, I am up and feeling truly (happily) awake at 5:42.

It truly is a brand new day.




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