The Force

I didn’t really “get” Star Wars until about a year ago.

When I started watching the original three movies with my son and my husband, things clicked, and I found myself soundly wrapped up in the magic, the story, and all that space.

Here’s the thing about “The Force,” it’s totally powerful.  An ally.  A super tool.  A deep and concentrated power gifted from within…but, there’s nothing actually “forced” about it.

In fact if you try and force The Force, you’re guaranteed not to truly connect with it…just ask Kylo Ren.

Lately, I’ve been trying to decipher the difference between working hard and forcing to fit.

I believe in hard work.  I’ve seen and felt it connect.  When you are willing to try so hard you fall, even fail, and for a time, stay down…only to rise again.  That’s hard work getting you to closer to your Force.

But what about when you’re giving your all, but aren’t totally sure where your all is going?

Is that spinning, to spin?  Or part of the path?

This morning, I don’t have any answers, but taking even a little bit of time to contemplate the questions, makes me feel like I have one up on the dark side.




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