Nothin’ but a G Thing

One day last week, our favorite Kindergartener came home full of pride for earning his very first “Bee-Ticket.”

Briggs’s school mascot is a bumble bee.  And, when students are “sighted” displaying good “bee-havior”, they’re awarded a Bee-Ticket.

“How’d you get one?” I asked.

“For saying good morning.”

His Dad and I both smiled – not really understanding – but trying to follow.

“I guess saying good morning is pretty good bee-havior,” Ken said.

“I got it for saying good morning to everyone, Dad.  One of the teachers heard me say it to every teacher.  All the kids.  Not just the Kindergarteners.  Being nice to everybody.”

Now, Ken and I were beaming.

“That is super good bee-havior, partner.”

“We’re so proud of you,” I said (in between many kisses and squeezes).

Less than an hour later though, the glowing bee-havior was swapped out for some nasty stings.

Briggs requested a dinner he barely ate.  There were at least three loads of laundry to do.  No one really felt like unloading and then reloading the dishwasher.  And when it came time to brush teeth, Briggs resisted with the same fervor as one might expect from a carrier of a deadly peanut allergy being forced to tour Planters.

The night didn’t end well.

Though, before we completely let it go, Ken came to bed with a rather enlightened suggestion.

“Maybe we should start giving away G-Tickets for being good at home.”

He was joking – but I wasn’t.

“We could call it G-Havior.  When Goodwins are sighted being good to ourselves, to each other, and out in the world.  Get in some exercise, G-Ticket.  Eat a healthy lunch, G-Ticket.  Share your feelings, read a book, do some laundry, take a nap, play with your friends, G-Ticket.”

“We’re all doing this, aren’t we?” Ken asked.

Though, there was really no need to reply.



PS – Our official G-Havior board was just made this afternoon, Briggs has racked up two G-Tickets so far: 1) For being an awesome guest at his friend Bobby’s birthday on Friday night (and at Auntie Heid’s on Saturday night) and 2) For finishing a great lunch.  Dad earned his first G-Ticket for being good to the world by contributing to our school’s golf tournament this afternoon, and I earned mine for envisioning the board and then actually making it. 






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