Field of Dreams

Yesterday, I snagged Briggs 30-minutes early from school to go to Boston for a photo shoot.

I work for Life is Good and they invited our kids to be a part of a new product launch.

Briggs is a lot like me, so he loves playing to the camera.

As part of the shoot, he got to answer a few questions about what makes life good.

The first questions was:  If someone you love is sad, how do you cheer them up?

Briggs answered: Play a game with them.

The second question was: What’s the most fun you’ve ever had in your entire life?

He said (without even having to think about it): Playing baseball with my Dad.

I melted.  My insides all went soft and I could feel every touch of my breath again.

Briggs and Ken play baseball every day.  Inside, outside, sometimes even without a bat and ball.  Just a pretend game that seemingly never ends.

So, I was left to infer that my five year-old has the most fun of his life, every day of his life.

His fun is his own – but the conditions in which his fun plays out are created by his parents.

It’s totally his game, but thank God, these few, precious, early innings are played at home, on the field of dreams we loved into reality for him.





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