And Another And Another

The alarm went off at quarter past four this morning.  I ignored it.  Then came the thunder.  A crack so loud I felt the house shake (even if it didn’t).

I couldn’t ignore that.

But, I stayed in bed.  Breathing.  Thinking.  Not thinking.  Checking my phone.

The thunder cracked again.  And again.  Rain stampeded the roof.

By ten past five, I was downstairs.

By quarter past I was exercising to a DVD I’d long since forgotten I owned.

Walk.  Run.  Side-step.  Squat.  Pull down.  Push up.  Grapevine.  Out, together.  Out, together.

By five of six I was wobbly and sweaty.  By ten past, I was writing this post.  The first in a while.

The thunder quieted.  The rain returned.  The sun stayed hidden, and the birds sang just the same.

Most of the time I’m pretty fixated on how much time and effort things will take.  To lose, or gain, to move or motivate.  To change.

But truth is, it only takes a moment.  Then another.  And another.  And another.

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