Go and Love Yourself

So, I’m attempting to start a habit of asking my son, my husband, and myself two questions before going to bed:

  1. What’s something you were grateful for today?
  2. What’s something you loved about you, today?

Our five-year old’s answers are always quick and sweet.  Take last night’s responses: 1) Tee ball 2) How I throw the ball so good.

For myself, the first question is the easy one.  I’m grateful for catching the sun rise.  For rocking out on my commute in.  For the run.  For coaching.  For breakfast for dinner.  For finding that new friend who feels like a lifelong partner in crime.

The second question though…feels horribly forced.  I can think of things I know other people admire about me.  I can come up with reasons why I should love me.  But – honestly, the “buts” just kept butting in.

I love that I write (but I didn’t “really” write for me, today).

I love that I stuck to healthy eating (but “really” did you love it?).

I love that I had a good connection with a potential client (but still, potential).

I love that I was a good coach (but, tonight was really hard and I was actually grateful when it was over).

So, I went to sleep with a lot of half-loves swirling around my thoughts.

AND, when I started to write this post, it occurred to me:

Maybe what I love about me today, is how easy I can answer question #1.  Today, I love my gratitude – and maybe to start, that’s enough.

PS – While it’s not the intention of this song, I’m hearing this version as the best me singing to the brat me. That brat just holds me back, and my Momma don’t like her…and if she’s gonna keep making things harder, well, she can go and… 😉

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